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This is a cool turn based tactics game where you lead a group of five dour hard-asses who have SEEN IT ALL enter an alien atmosphere with nothing but their fierce aquacannons and their wits, in a mission to water the three holy (we believe they are holy in some fashion, possibly) SUNFLOWERS. Watering the sunflowers will make everyone very(!) happy. Beware though, because the fierce Bur-Gun aliens will fire Burs at us until we are forced to leave the mission. 

If you enjoy games like Advance Wars or X-Com, you're sure to love ADVANCE PLANTS. 

CREDITS: Happy Snake did the programming and the in-game art. Keith did the game design, the music and sounds, and the horrible grotesque paintings.

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Really fun! Next time, maybe you should add an undo button so that when you make a mistake, you'll be able to fix it.

Hi @AquaShame! Unfortunately this probably wouldn't be fair because the player reveals new information by moving forward, so undoing that is kinda like... drawing a card and then being like "actually nah" and undoing that! :)